What is the role of temperature and pressure control in injection molding? How do we determine it?

Injection Mould Temperature

Melt and mold are two factors of any plastic injection mould process.

So, the process of melting any raw material obviously needs temperature and for the Injection we need pressure.

The correct temperatures and pressures will ensure the plastic is melted and molded correctly, resulting in parts with good dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and mechanical properties.

The melt temperature is the temperature at which the plastic is melted and injected into the mold. The melting temperature should be high enough to melt the plastic completely, but not so high that it causes the plastic to degrade. The melt temperature can be determined by conducting a melt flow index (MFI) test and This process is part of mold flow simulation. Check Here!

The mold temperature is the temperature of the mold cavity. The mold temperature should that enough to cool the plastic quickly and prevent it from warping, but not so high that it causes the plastic to shrink. The mold temperature can be determined by trial and error, or by using mold cooling analysis software.

We also have some other factors that affect the performance of the Injection Moulding process :

Residence Time | Cooling Time | Runner Time

Residence Time: This is the average time that a fluid particle spends in a control volume. It is calculated by dividing the volume of the control volume by the flow rate of the fluid. Residence time is important in injection molding.

Cooling Time: This is the time it takes for a plastic part to cool down from its molding temperature to its ambient temperature. It is affected by the material properties of the plastic, the thickness of the part, and the cooling conditions. Cooling time is important for ensuring that the part has the desired properties, such as strength and stiffness.

Runner Time: It takes for the molten plastic to flow through the runner system of an injection mold. It is affected by the geometry of the runner system, the viscosity of the plastic, and the injection pressure. Runner time is important for ensuring that the part is filled properly.

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