Mold Designing

Mold Design by Integrated Solution
Mold Design by Integrated Solution
How to Design Mould?

After having a product’s CAD data (Product Design) the next step would be to design a mould in CAD software and then the CAD  data released for the manufacturing process.

In mould design, we create products inner surface and outer surfaces on core and cavity plates in CAD software during mould design. After completing the design, a mould is manufactured for mass production of the product.

In mould design, we create various parts of the mould considering their application and usage. 

Part of mould design Like- 1. Core Plate 2. Cavity Plate 3. Core back plate 4. Riser Block 5. Ejector and Ejector Back Plate 6. Top-Bottom Plate 7. Sprue bush 8. Support Pillar 9 Guide Bush & GuidePillar 10. Sliders etc. 

What is Mould Process?


Molding is the process of shaping or designing a material using prototype or pre-design container to build a new same shape product .Molding design consists two primary components : the injection mold (A plate) and the ejector mold (B plate). These components are also referred to as molder and mold maker. Plastic or Rubber resin enters the molder through a  gate in the injection mold then the sprue bushing has to be sealed  tightly against the nozzle of the injection barrel of the molding machine . The molten plastic flows through the runner and enters one or more specialized gates  to form a desired part or shape.

Injection Molding Theory Design By Integrated Solution
Our Specialization

Our Specialization in molding work on all Materials Like Rubber, Plastic, Metals: We use technology and skill to match the quality of product. 

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