Die Casting Mold Design

Die-Casting Mold Design

Die Casting Mold | Design & Manufacturing

What is Die Casting ?

Die casting mold design is a technology for mass production of metal products and components. Mold design is one of the most important steps in the process because the shape and properties of the mold will directly affect the final product. The die casting process puts molten metal into a mold using high pressure and requires a mold with precise specifications to achieve the job.

There is something very important for the die casting mold design, these key points will influence the die casting die manufacturing successfully or not,  during the die casting injection mold design phase, please consider 8 key points as below.

  • Die draft angle
  • Fillets on the mold and portion
  • Casting Die Parting Lines
  • Casting Part Boss
  • Part Ribs
  • Holes and windows on the part
  • wall thickness of the part
Die Casting Mould
What is Die Casting Process and Components?

Die – Casting is a process of manufacturing of desired product where we use materials like Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum. In the Die-Casting process we melt materials on high heat furnace at high pressure and pour molten materials into container to manufacture desired Die-Casted Components. Ref: Pic of Die-Casting Components.

Once the metal solidifies, the mold is opened, and the part is ejected. Die casting is commonly used for producing components used in various industries e.g. Automobile |Tooling | Aviation | Home Products  Manufacturing .

Die casting is used to produce a wide range of components – Automobile Parts like –
transmission cases, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, wheel hubs, suspension parts etc.

Consumer Products like – kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, furniture hardware ,handles, knobs etc.

Die-Casting Involves in various process like –

  • Mold Preparation
  • Melting and Injection
  • Mold Opening and Ejection
  • Trimming and Finishing
  • Inspection and Quality Control

It has many advantages like- dimensional accuracy, good surface finish , Perform Complex shaping . However, it requires specialized equipment, molds, and expertise.