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Blister Mold By Integrated Solutions
What is Blister Mould?

Blister mold, also known as a blister forming mold, is a tool used in blister packaging to create the raised plastic cavities that hold products. It’s typically made of metal, though some cheaper options use materials like plaster.


Blister molds come in two parts:

  • Forming mold: This is the part that shapes the heated plastic sheet into the desired blister cavities. It’s often CNC-machined for precision and durability.

  • Holding mold: This part clamps the forming mold together while the plastic cools and takes shape. It also has tiny air vents that allow trapped air to escape and prevent imperfections.

Blister molds are used to package a wide variety of products, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Hardware
  • Toys
Blister mould Medicine Tablet
Blister Packaging Mould for Food Box
Blister Mold By Integrated Solutions

a blister mold is a specialized tool used to create blister packaging. Blister packaging typically consists of a clear plastic shell (the “blister”) formed over a paperboard backing. The product itself is nestled securely within the blister, creating a tamper-evident and visually appealing package.

We have made many blister molds for various uses like Madicine Tablet Covers, Food Packaging, Cosmetics Products Cover, Tofy Cover Packet and Box, etc.  

Blister mould for Package by Integrated Solutions

Our Blister Mold Products

Blister mold product
Blister mold product
Blister mold product

We manufacture high quality blister mould

Integrated Solutions has been a pioneer in mould manufacturing for the last decade, We have manufactured many different types of mould like Food Container Mould | Bucket Mould | Chair Mould |Helmet Safety Mould | Automotive Parts Mould | Rubber Mould and so on: in this line we have also manufactured Blister for various usage — Toy Packaging — Medicine Packaging, Food Packaging, So on.

Our recently made egg tray and food container packaging was appreciated by our client. We assure best quality mould with 100% customization.

blister mould by Integrated Solutions
blister mould
Electronic Product Blister Package