What is Micro Molding?

Micro Molding

Micromolding, also known as micro injection molding, is a specialized technique used to create very tiny and intricate plastic parts. These parts are typically less than a gram in weight and just a few millimeters in size, but what truly sets micromolding apart is the incredible precision it offers. Micromolded parts can have features with tolerances as low as 10 microns (that’s about ten thousandths of a millimeter!)


Process of Micro Molding :

Mold Making: The process begins with creating a mold with a cavity that matches the exact shape of the desired part. Due to the tiny size and intricate features, these molds are machined with high-precision tools.

Material Injection: Thermoplastic material is melted and then injected very rapidly into the mold cavity under high pressure. The precision of the injection process is crucial for achieving the tight tolerances.

Cooling and Ejection: Once the plastic fills the mold, it cools and hardens into the final shape. The part is then ejected from the mold.


High Precision: Micromolding allows for the creation of parts with incredibly small features and tight tolerances.

Complex Geometries: This technique can produce intricate and complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods.

Mass Production: Micromolding is suitable for high-volume production of tiny plastic components.

Due to its unique capabilities, micromolding is used in a variety of industries where miniaturization and precision are essential. Some common applications include:

  • Electronics: Micromolding is used to create components for smartphones, wearables, and other electronic devices.
  • Medical Devices: Tiny parts for catheters, stents, and other medical devices can be micromolded.
  • Optics: Microlenses and other optical components can be manufactured with this process.
  • Aerospace: Micromolding is used to create lightweight and high-performance parts for aircraft and spacecraft.


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