What is EDM?

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EDM stands for Electrical Discharge Machining.
It is a non-traditional machining process used to shape and cut electrically conductive materials with high precision. EDM utilizes electrical sparks or discharges to erode the material, allowing for complex shapes to be created.

How Does it work?

In simple language, it generates sparks while shaping up workpiece. A workpiece, which is typically made of metal, is connected to the positive terminal (anode), and a specially designed tool, called an electrode, is connected to the negative terminal (cathode). To prevent any extra flame out we use deionized water which continuously flows via pipes.

This spark is created by applying a voltage difference between the two, causing a high-intensity electrical current to pass through the small gap between them.

It rapidly heats the surrounding dielectric fluid, causing it to vaporize and create a plasma channel.
This plasma channel conducts the electrical current and leads to the localized melting and vaporization of the material on the workpiece surface.

It is basically used in industries where the machining of hard or complex-shaped materials is required.
It is especially useful for creating moulds, dies, tooling, and components for the aerospace, automotive Parts, medical, and electronics industries

Types of EDM

Wire EDM (using a thin wire electrode) and Sinker EDM (using a shaped electrode and producing a cavity in the workpiece).

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