What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing an existing product, object, or system to understand its design.

It involves deconstructing or dismantling the item and examining its components, measurements, materials to know now how original form was created.

Reverse Engineering by Integrated Solution

Objectives of Reverse Engineering

The main objective of Reverse Engg. is to understand the product manufacturing structure, Material, and behavior.

It allows researchers, engineers, and developers to gain insights into the design
and functionality of existing products or systems,
enabling them to learn from existing solutions for constant improvement.

Reverse engineering can be used to ensure compatibility between different systems or products, especially when there are no available specifications or documentation.

Interoperability: Reverse engineering can help in integrating proprietary technologies or formats with other systems or platforms.

It also helps to understand the basic theory behind the product and its components design to make new improved and robust products than earlier. Deconstruction of product design helps in to understand the actual work while reconstructing the new products.

Reverse Engineering By Integrated Solutions

Determination and Acquisition: Obtaining the object or system that is to be reverse engineered. This could be a physical product, a software application, or any other tangible or intangible artifact.

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